Snippets not loading in Edge

Work is making us move from Chrome to the Chromium based new Microsoft Edge.
I'm trying to get Text Blaze to work in Edge but it keeps 'loading' the snippets.
Just this you see in the screenshot.

The extension was added from the Chrome store and I DO have 'allow external extensions' on.

We don't officially support for Edge, however I did take a quick look and it seems like Text Blaze is working fine in Edge for me.

Would it be possible to take a screenshot of your JS error console and send it to us. Also, I am happy to do a quick video call to do some remote debugging. Email us at to set something up.

How do I access JS error console?

On Edge you can access it by:

  1. Clicking the triple dot menu in the upper right of the Edge window
  2. Click the "More Tools" item
  3. Clicking "Developer Tools" items
  4. Making sure the "Console" tab is selected in the panel that opens

Here's the console: Capture-textblaze

Here's a shot of my dashboard. I only include this because it looks like it SHOULD be working but it's not when i type.

Thanks for the update. In the bottom picture it looks like the dashboard is loading for you now, is that correct? Or is the bottom picture taken from Chrome?

No, i think that pic was from Edge but the extension wouldn't work.
Here's the latest picture from today (March 9, in Edge).

Here's what I get when I click on the TB icon in the toolbar.:

Would you be available for a quick video call to dig into this together? It should be very useful to get to the bottom of the issue.

Email me at and we can set up a time.