Snippets that integrate with Calendly

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with the Text Blaze community a few snippets we created that feature an integration with Calendly. Since these types of snippets aren't able to function in community posts like this, head to the Text Blaze Gallery post about it to see the snippets in action and to copy them to your own account:

If you're not familiar with Calendly, it integrates with your calendar, providing you with links that you can send to people so they can schedule time with you without all the back-and-forth of "does this time work for you".

These snippets save you time and make you more efficient in a few different ways:

  1. Create single-use scheduling links of a specific type automatically (direct link to snippet)
  2. Create single-use scheduling links, but from a menu that shows you all of your event types (direct link to snippet)
  3. Generate a detailed summary or digest of all your meetings for the day (direct link to snippet)

Creating a one-time link for a specific meeting type

Generating a summary of the meetings I have scheduled for the day

The best part is that these snippets are ready to use with no custom code required. You simply need to update the personal_access_token variable in the snippets with your own Calendly token, and you're up and running. The Calendly API is capable of much more than just these things, too - if there's interest, these initial snippets can be expanded upon.

This type of integration is possible with many, many different APIs -- let us know what you're interested in integrating with within your snippets, and we'll explore what's possible. This integration uses Calendly's API and Text Blaze's {urlsend} and {urlload} commands. I am very much not an engineer/coder, but Text Blaze gave me all the tools I needed to create a custom integration with an API and that's pretty cool!

Get started by copying these snippets to your Text Blaze account from our Gallery: