Some help when importing text expander snippets

So I love Text Blaze so far!

I was able to import a single textexpander snippet using the options in my account.

I did notice an issue--some of the snippets I imported have optional sections of text, and once imported, while I can see the box where to click/ select the optional text, the text itself only shows up when I click the box--there there a way to edit my snippet so I can always see the text whether I select the optional checkbox or not? It would just help me read the entire snippet a bit easier!

My next project is setting up a new textblaze snippe to make myself a patient note using data entered into a data blaze field--so I don't have to retype any field, just enter in form, active snippet and create note!

Hi @David_Feig,
Welcome to Text Blaze community.

I am assuming you are talking about {formtoggle}.

{formtoggle}lorem ipsum{endformtoggle}

If yes, then you are correct, the contents are only displayed when you select the toggle itself.

You can use name field to show a meaningful message.

{formtoggle: name=lorem}lorem ipsum{endformtoggle}