Sorting Options for Snippets in Dashboard UI


It would be great to have the ability to sort snippets in the dashboard via data modified, date created, alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, etc.


Could you give an example of the use cases for this. E.g. why would I want to sort by last modified.


Hi Scott :wave: -

Yes, so I have my snippets named /zoom1, /zoom2, etc.., and I'd like to be able to sort by the shortcut name so that they fall together in the sort. Right now, they fall in what seems to be a random order (see below)


The default order if you don't move things around is the order they were created. If you created these in a batch import though, their relative creation dates are basically random.

You can drag and drop them to rearrange them and move the two /zoom's next to each other.

Having an option to sort though is a good idea, I'll keep it on the list.