Sorting/Organizing Snippets

How can I sort my list of snippets A-Z or by created date--any organizing mechanism to find an appropriate snippet without requiring a keyword search? This is a major pain point for me because I have a large number of snippets.

Hi @Paul_Banks,

At the moment Text Blaze does not have an auto-sorting feature. However, you can re-arrange the order of your snippets by dragging them around, if that helps.

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That's helpful and good to know. Thanks. It would be nice if the list were organized in some way that made sense. Right now it just a mess with no rhyme or reason why it is the way it is.

Hi Paul,

You drag and drop your snippets in the snippet list to organize them however you see fit.

We're also planning to add an option to sort all your snippets at once. Hope to have it out soon.