Statistics: Add more filter options

Hi Text Blaze,

can you please add more options to filter the statistics?

For instance that you can set a specific time range, or a graph that shows specific snippets or that you can group snippets in one statistics category.

For instance my company has different properties and we have specific snippets for each one. But to track the usage it is not necessarily important to track the specific one but how much the property snippets are used in general.

Also the current overview/table that appears when clicking on "Other snippets" could be much clearer. For instance an alphabetical order or a search bar as well.

As many filters you can arrange the better it is.

Is it possible to transfer the data into Looker, the statistics tool of Google? Because that would be awesome!

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi @Ida_Horstmann - thanks for the suggestion.

Could you please email us on We'd love to learn more about your company's reporting needs.

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I would also recommend you check out our Data Blaze Beta (Request for Feedback: Data Blaze Beta!). It makes it easy to log usage however you see fit and then analyze the results.

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