Step through a snippet

Is there a step-through for snippets?
I would like to go through each step manually slowly with the ability to pause execution.

Hi Zita,

Sorry, not sure I understand. Could you describe more about what you are looking to do?

You know how you can run code from an editor and then step through to debug? I thought it may be possible to do w TB.

That's not possible currently. What issue are you running into? Maybe we can help.

Thats OK, thanks, using delay after each command instead.

I am not sure if it is due to user error - seems a TB w key presses is inconsistent. I will let you know if I have this issue in a few days.

Thank you

OK, let us know if you keep seeing the issue, happy to look into it.

The issue is the user who did not read the documentation.

Down Arrow Key (experimental)

So that is probably why it is not consistent. I will dedicate some time to testing next week, Thank you so much.

Yes, the {key:downarrow} won't work in all places.

If you have a place where it's not working that you would like it to work, let us know.