Student Basic Skills Prompts for ChatGPT (Two Examples)

Reading Passage Game

Hi ChatGPT, I'm studying [insert topic here], and I want to play a back-and-forth game with you to test my understanding. Here's the passage I'm working on:

[insert passage here]

Please create a series of questions based on this passage for me to answer. Give them to me one by one. If I get one right, pat me on the back If I'm not sure or get it wrong, please help me understand by guiding me through the answer. Let's take it one question at a time, and feel free to make it fun and engaging!

Sentence Feedback

Hello ChatGPT! I'm working on an essay and would like some feedback on the first five sentences. Can you please review them for spelling, punctuation, grammar, word usage, sentence structure, clarity and coherence, and tone and style? Here's what I've written:

[Student inserts the five sentences here.]

Please provide feedback without rewriting the sentences for me. Point out any errors or areas for improvement, and I'll make the revisions myself. Thank you!


@Professor_Sean_Chamb This is really cool! How do you avoid having the student use ChatGPT as a way for them to have it do their work? I teach 6th grade ELA and it's a constant battle lately.

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Honestly, there is little hope of preventing students from using ChatGPT. You can watch them in person while they write or problem solve or have closed-book tests. But outside of the classroom, it's the wild wild west. If you lock their browsers, such as in an online learning management system, they'll use their phones or tablets.

That's why my approach with college students is to embrace ChatGPT and teach them to use it to become better learners, to distinguish fact from fiction, to engage interactively with ChatGPT to improve reading, writing, math, content literacy and more.

Interestingly, some students "refuse" to use AI. I remember hearing similar complaints in the late 1990s. Some students didn't understand why they had to use the internet!

I currently have more than 50 prompts to help students develop basic skills and memory. I'm more than happy to share them with you. You can send your email address to schamberlin and I'll send you my current folder.

As a colleague recently told me, "The genie is out of the bottle and they're not going back."

Thanks for corresponding. Best of luck to you.