Suggestions for everyday users

Hi everyone! :wave:

I just want to start off by saying that I love this app and I'm really glad I stumbled upon it. I've only been using it for over a month and I can truly say it's definitely a game changer. :smile:

I also want to add a few suggestions that I thought may be beneficial to many users (Some of these suggestions have already been forwarded to the staff but I thought I might share them with you all).

  1. Personalized Templates
    Create a personalized template option when clicking the "+" icon as a drop down menu option.
    My solution to this right now is creating the template I need and just duplicating it whenever I need a similar snippet.

  2. Dark Mode for Desktop App :crescent_moon:
    For those who maybe work at night and have every app/program on dark mode and don't feel like getting flash banged by Text Blaze every time you open the app :joy:

  3. Disable Snippet :no_entry_sign:
    Create an option to disable individual snippets not just folders.
    Example: There are times when my company would have special offers depending on the day of the week and would like to turn it on and off whenever I need to.

  4. Pinned Snippets :pushpin:
    Create an option to pin a snippet to the top of the folder.
    I like to keep things organized so I find myself using the "sort by" option very frequently. However, I also like to keep important snippets that I frequently edit the most at the top of the folder.
    My only solution to this right now is creating a "Pinned Folder" and placing that on top of each folder that I have. The only problem is that I have many folders.

  5. Same snippet in multiple folders :ballot_box_with_check:
    I'm not sure what the impact this would create for conflicting snippets, but if it is possible to add snippets to multiple folders not just restricted to one.
    This may be helpful to users who want to disable a folder but want to keep a few snippets active by having it enabled in a different folder.

  6. Automatically edit imported snippets :arrows_counterclockwise:
    For those who have an imported snippet inside multiple snippets, and wish to edit the shortcut of that snippet, right now the imported snippet doesn't get automatically updated in the snippets that have that imported snippet (I'm sorry, I wrote "snippets" too many times but I don't know how else to word this but I hope this makes sense).

That's mainly it, other suggestions I've thought of wasn't worth mentioning. I hope this post didn't sound demanding, just wanted to add my contribution to the community.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:

Thanks for the great suggestions @bester


Hey @Dan_Barak1, thanks so much for the response!!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know if any of these would be considered/not considered or is currently being implemented :smile: