Tab, Arrow Keys Not Functioning When Text Blaze Enabled?

I've recently installed Text Blaze on a Chromebook running ChromeOS 81. Whenever I have Text Blaze enabled as an extension, I lose the ability to use my tab key or arrow keys reliably.

Using Tab or Arrows generally results in either nothing happening or (in the case of tab) inserting four to five spaces. This generally only happens once; then the keys function as normal. It is hard to reproduce. It seems to happen often but not on a specific timeline or in a specific situation.

Here's a real world example. Cell A13 has text such as "Awaiting client information (f/u 2020-03-02, 2020-03-07)". Cell B13 has the deadline for that text to be completed. I go to enter into the spreadsheet that I have followed up on March 14, 2020 and then use tab to go to Cell B13, I frequently am left with Cell A13 reading as follows: "Awaiting client information (f/u 2020-03-02, 2020-03-07, 2020-03-14 )". On the second press of Tab, I usually move to Cell B13 as expected.

None of my shortcuts hinge on the Tab key.

Is Text Blaze intercepting the Tab key (or arrow keys) and is there a way to disable this interception?

That sounds very strange!

Text Blaze doesn't modify your keystrokes or insert things (other than when you actually trigger a snippet) so I don't see how it could cause what you are observing. Do you have any other extensions installed you could try disabling to see if it was them?

I would be happy to jump on a video call with you to look into what is going on. If you can do this, please email us at and we can set up a time.

Thanks Scott. I'll try a few more things if Text Blaze doesn't intercept those keystrokes. Maybe something else isn't unloading cleanly.

I appreciate you reaching out and the offer for a video chat. I'll e-mail if I can really pinpoint it down.

Let us know how it goes. Happy to chat with you to look into it.