Text Blaze Calendar Trick

Cedric wanted me to post this in case others find it useful, too.

One of the ways I use Text Blaze is a shortcut to emojis I use to label my google calendar events.

So, for example I have ;Call set up to do :telephone_receiver: which indicates a phone call.

I have ;ZMeet set up to do :woman_technologist: which indicates a virtual meeting.

I put those in my event headings in my google calendar so that at a glance I can easily tell what type of event it is. See example below.

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 9.58.40 AM


I have ;lol set up to give me :joy:


@user656 - Thanks for sharing!!! I loved the idea when you told me about it on our call. As I said, even after all these years, I still keep hearing of new ways to use Text Blaze, and sometimes the simplest things are the most fun.