Text Blaze Feature of the Week #5: Re-using snippets in other snippets

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It's week 5 of the Text Blaze Feature of the Week series where I post weekly about cool features to showcase all the awesome stuff you can do with Text Blaze :sunglasses:

Text Blaze Feature of the Week #5: Import Command

Do you find yourself typing the same text in multiple snippets? If so, the import command is going to be your best friend :wink:

The import command is helpful if you want to include a snippet within another snippet. Instead of re-typing your email signature into each and every snippet you use, you can simply create a snippet for the signature itself and import it into all of your other ones.

What's even cooler is that if you have a snippet imported into multiple snippets (such as an email signature), you only need to edit the imported snippet to update all of the others.


Three things to know about the import command:

  1. You can edit snippets that are imported into other snippets and the changes will be made live in all snippets.

  2. The import command can be used with forms and the if command to conditionally include content that depends on your form input. (See the last snippet)

  3. Import is different from the snippet command, which provides information about your snippets within the snippets themselves.

Snippet: /mysig

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Snippet: /newcustomer

Hey there!

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Snippet: /oldcustomer

Hey there!

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Master snippet (imports the others depending on the selection)

{note} {formmenu: New Customer; Old Customer; name=customerstatus}{endnote: trim=yes}

{if: customerstatus = "New Customer"} {import: /newcustomer} {else} {import: /oldcustomer}{endif}

{import: /mysig}

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