Text Blaze slow to populate

Hi there.

I'm experiencing some issues with Text Blaze being slow to go from shortcut to full text. It can sometimes take up to a full second before the snippet populates.
My usecase is for adding longer words when transcribing interviews, so this causes a bit of a slowdown in my progress. :slight_smile:

It usually happens if I'm writing in a textbox with a large amount of characters. The current one is 11k+ chars long. It sometimes feels like it happens if I copy the contents of the textbox to clipboard, but I'm not sure if it's one or the other.

The website I'm experiencing the problem with is www.otranscribe.com

I've taken a quick look at the site and I do see things getting slow when you have 10K chars. However, I'm also seeing the slowness when I open the site in incognito mode (so no Text Blaze) and try to just type normally with a lot of text.

So my hunch is it is just generally something about inputs becoming slow on that site as the text there gets long.

I tried clearing out all the text and reloading the browser, and somehow it's still a problem. I don't know if it's isolated to just the website.
It's not every time that I try to expand the snippet that it's slow, but it happens frequently enough that it's an issue.
What happens is as follows:

  • I type in the shortcut
  • The click plays
  • The other audio playing in the tab drops in volume for about a second
  • The text is expanded

Any text that I've written between the shortcut registering and the text being expanded is written before the expanded text. I guess that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Edit: A reboot fixes the problem though. Also, I'm on a Chromebook if that has any impact.