Text Blaze stops workin on Linkedin

Hello together,
I really love text blaze and it saves a lot of time, but unfortunately, it always stops working after I have inserted 3 messages to chats with people in my network.

I have created a simple snipped with the first name as dynamic field.

Is there any limitation within the free Plan? I can't find any information about it.

Im on Chrome and OSX.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Jan!

Command packs are a Pro feature so you are limited to trying them out 5 times a day (the limit refreshes each day). You can upgrade to Pro for unlimited insertions of snippets that use command packs.

Kind regards Scott

Hi @Jan_Finkensieper

Thank you for your kind words about Text Blaze.

You're right, form commands are indeed Pro features. The free version allows you to use snippets with Pro commands a limited number of times per day, which should be enough for most basic users.

But if you feel that form commands are helping your workflow, please consider getting a Pro subscription. We've intentionally kept the price super low to make it as accessible as possible :slight_smile:

Hi Cedric,

Thank your for the information. It’s time for a the pro version then.

Keep up the good work. Im looking forward, to the Mobile App for IPad and IPhone.



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Cool. Hit me up if you ever need help with anything. Best place to do so is right here on the forum :slight_smile:

Also, since you're interested in the mobile version, please consider filling in the questionnaire:

You'll be able to register your interest in testing the beta when it becomes available.

Thank you Cedric.

I already filled out your survey :wink:

Looking forward to the beta.



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