Text Blaze with APPS - office 365 & iOS


I'm wondering how and if the text blaze works with office 365 suite and in particular does it work with Apple products ( Mac Mini M1).

I open text blaze on the mac and via chrome however it does not seem to work on emails, word or pdf docs.

I'm hoping someone will have an answer and instructions on how.


Hi, we already discussed this in the support mail but to complete the thread, Text Blaze is a Chrome extension (for now) and it works inside the Chrome browser. You can use it on office.com office online suite for example.

Hello Gaurang.

I sent a reply to Scott after he sent a reply to me.

Text Blaze is not working for me in Outlook 365 no matter which device i use.

Scott asked me to send a screen shot,and my reply to him was below:

''Hello Scott,

Thank you for replying.

Sorry for the delay in my reply to you, had a few things to sort out work-wise.

Text Blaze works fine with anything I do web-based, but when I'm in outlook 365 on my PC or laptop and type in a new/reply or forward an email, for e.g. the shortcut for Thanks and Regards(which I have the letters tar),it doesn't expand to Thanks and Regards....it just stays as tar??

It's the same as any shortcut I have in textblaze.

I can send you a screenshot if you wish but it'll just show tar in the text space of the email.

Thank you''.

Hey @steve_mcnicholas I will be happy to help you. When we ask for a screenshot it is so that we can verify the website URL and the website textbox in which you are inserting the snippet.

I would request you to send the screenshot to me at gaurang@blaze.today and I will try to ensure we fix the issue, as Text Blaze should work on all websites on the web. Thanks!

As we discussed on email, using the web version of Outlook 365 worked. The instructions for that are available here: How to sign in to Outlook on the web