Text size and color doesn't paste correctly

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I've always used Text Blaze to create my Outlook templates, however, recently the color and size of my text doesn't paste correctly.

Adding some examples of then and now:

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Can you duplicate the snippet, move it to a folder, and share it with me at gaurang@blaze.today ? I'll try it out as well.

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Any news :no_mouth:?

Hi Michel, I had responded to your email itself. Maybe it didn't reach you, so I will duplicate my response here:

I tried the snippet you shared and it looks fine to me (image of how it looks for me)

For me the default font is Aptos 12. Is there any other Outlook customization you are possibly doing?


This may be a bigger issue with Outlook. I too am having trouble with colors not pasting correctly from TextBlaze snippets. The colors work fine if I use them elsewhere, but they are not working in Outlook Web. I haven't changed any settings and the colors worked fine until recently.

Hi @despedal Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: and thanks for your helpful comment.

If either of you is available to jump on a call with me, please let me know. We can check a few settings on Outlook Web and see which one's different for me. Outlook Web might be showing a different variation to a percentage of users.

Hi @Gaurang_Tandon

I'd be happy to jump on a call. Just let me know how you'd like to coordinate that. I'm in EST time zone.

Please email me at gaurang@blaze.today and we can setup the call.