TextBlaze Doesn't Auto Start on Win 10

Installed TextBlaze on my Win 10 system a few days ago. It does not auto-start when computer reboots. Under Apps/Programs, TextBlaze is set to auto-start. Only way I was able to get it to run at start-up was to manually create a shortcut of the app and copy it to the Windows start-up folder.

There is no setting inside of TextBlaze app itself to tell it to start at startup.

Wellcome Jack:

You can put a shortcut in the start-menu folder.

Launch the RUN command window (hold down the Windows key and press R on your keyboard) and the type one of these:

  • shell:start menu (If you wish that behavior only for you)
  • shell:common start menu (If you wish that behavior for all users)

Yup, that's what I had to do to make it work. Shouldn't have to be this way, tho. Non-technical users will not know to do this.

Hi all,

We have fixed the auto start issue in the MS Store app build in the latest version (v1.4.2) so if you want to force update the app to the latest please uninstall and install it again from here.



Also from MS Store is possible ti upgrade the App.

Hi @Josem,

It auto updates automatically but that takes some time as we roll out gradually. So if you want the update forcefully then you should reinstall.