"TextBlaze is not supports on this site" Won't activate on gmail

I am trying to use this on a corporate gmail account and it wont turn on when using gmail. It works on LinkedIn and most other sites but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to work there. It also won't work on my personal gmail. Do you know how to activate it?

Hi @Alex_Blomster-hornin , welcome to the forum! Managed Chrome browsers on a company laptop may block Text Blaze from working on certain websites. You can double-check this by installing Text Blaze on your personal laptop and then it would work on all websites, including your personal Gmail. Can you check and let me know if this is the case?

Thanks! I checked on this and since the application requests access to all URLs it does not pass the security and privacy regulations so I couldn't get it accepted for use on our work email. Which is sad because this is by far the best text expanding tool that I have used!

Do you know how to make adjustments to the application so that it can operate without needing that?

Hi Alex,
We're happy to meet with your security team and discuss this with them. We passed security reviews in multiple large companies.
Overall, this type of information never leaves your browser.
Feel free to continue the conversation by emailing us at support@blaze.today