TextBlaze not updating my changes

For some reason the updates I am making to my snippits are not working when I use my shortcuts. Anyone know why this is happening today? My formulas are not working right and the changes I made to some shortcuts today are not working but if I use the old shortcut that is no longer in text blaze it will work. Hard to make progress with work when the new updates I need in my snippits are not working.

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Hi @Kelly_Jackson

  1. Right click with your mouse on the page
  2. Select the Text Blaze option
  3. Click on "Reload Extension..."

Let me know if it works for you.

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It looks like an overnight update corrected everything but if this happens again today I will try your suggestion. Thank you so much!


Do these steps do the same thing as removing and reinstalling the extension? I remember in the past we did that for troubleshooting to force an update.

Hey Andrew, these steps are slightly different than re-installing the extension. That said, for this particular issue, either of the steps will resolve it. Restarting the browser will also resolve it.

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Thanks for this guidance! For days, I've been wondering why updates I'd made to a snippet were not showing up (and the "Try it out" wasn't showing the updates, either) and a right-click-reload of the extension seems to have fixed it!