Time to shortcut completion is too long

Time to completion is much too long preventing the next shortcut from working. In order to do a list I have to wait minimum 3 seconds between shortcuts. Is there any way to shorten this time. Doesn't sound like there is a setting for this but might be a good idea for those who need the next shortcut right away. I might as well type longform rather than wait a few seconds.

edit: typing of any kind (not just shortcut typing) needs to stop full 3 sec. then shortcut will trigger when entered.

Hello again @Dustin_Falconer ! Yes, if you don't mind typing longform, then there is a setting for this. Check out this section on "I want my snippets to trigger when I do..."

You want the Anywhere option. Let me know if it works for you.

Yes!! @Gaurang_Tandon !! Thank you !!