Tips within snippets. Similar to {error}

Would like to be able to have something that shows tips/suggestions within the snippet. Similar to how {error} works but allows for formatting, especially hyperlinks.

Maybe has yellow background with lightbulb icon.

Hey @latetotheparty,
How about the {note} command for such use cases?

{note}:bulb: PRO TIP :bulb:

Don't click this link{endnote}


I do use {note} but it doesn't stand out like {error} does. Especially when most of the snippet is already within {note}. Is there a way to customize {error} so I can change the background colour?

That makes sense. You can highlight note blocks using regular formats in the editor. For example, here I have made the note in bigger font, using bold, and with a yellow background:


And this is how it looks in the preview:


Does that work for you?

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I can work with that. Still think something similar to {error} would look way better.