Transfer Text Blaze Account to G Suite

how can I move my Text Blaze account to my G Suite? would I have to cancel it and re buy subscription s?

You can change your email address in the Dashboard on the account screen.

Simply change it to your G Suite email address. Then you will be able to log in with the "Log in with Google" button.

You don't need to change your subscription. If people have shared folders with your existing email though, you will need to add your new email to those shared folders.

Thanks Scott,
But this is what I see under Account:

I don't see any Edit option for the email?

I see that you are already using Google Login but with a personal address. In that case, you need to covert your account to an email/password account first, then change the email.

Instructions on how to do so are in this thread:

Again, you won't need to change your subscription.

Hi Scott,
I got a bit more farther but now i'm stuck here. when I go to change the email to my G suite email it shows me this error now. After I click change email. Any idea why?

Please disregard, this is because I created an account with the new email already. I had togo and delete that account. After that I was able to switch the accounts to our G Suite. Thanks for your help

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