Trigger snippets in text field inside text blaze form window

I have some snippets that trigger open a form window, and another folder where multiple frequently used terms (over 100+ drugs names) are set to be expanded on shortcut (ex: acet; -> acetaminophen , rosu; -> rosuvastatin, etc. )
these doesn't expand when typing inside a textblaze popup window ( ex: to fill a paragraph field or text field).

Hey @Charles_Dagenais
That's true. You can't trigger snippets inside the pop-up window.
You could create the list of drugs in Data Blaze and add a drop-down menu to the pop-up to pull the drug name. Let me know if you need help with that.

That, that confirm it.
But this solution would not be a viable one as these are meant mainly to be used in paragraph field ( ex: write detailed/custom treatment plan, doses adjustments , alternative drug choices.) to speed up writing by not typing the whole drug name and prevent typos, acting a bit like an autocorrect. it loses it’s interest if this cannot be used inside other templates text fields

Is this a limit in place to prevent some bugs/weird behaviour or a functionality that could be implemented ?