Trim characters from scanned text


I just discovered Text Blaze, and it is very productive for us! So much better than any addon we have used.

I am trying to figure out if I can trim characters from a scanned QR code in a form text field.

I need to trim 14 characters on the left and 17 on the right.

For example, the QR code is scanned as:

I need it trimmed to:

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hi @Wayne_Boustead_The_A, welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind words.
Here's how you do it. Replace code with whatever the source of the code is

{formtext: name=code;default=312650999998910201013415658006040997↔8008221125151500;cols=55}
{=left(right(code, len(code)-14), len(code)-14-17)}


Hi Dan,

Thank you very much, that works fantastic!!