Unable to change field after API call

{urlload: https://airportdb.io/api/v1/airport/KLAX?apiToken\=a49f40b563ee1b6b064adfc4d673c3a57c621b30fd72ba97853c51ed35354d393c56bd9e7fff6b314ba69b36248b48cd; done=(res) -> ["apresults": (fromjson(res))]}


Destination: {formtext: name=ap_name; cols=40}
Muni: {formtext: name=muni; cols=40}

I would like to be to make corrections to these 2 fields as they are used later in the snippet and the initial data is not always correct. However, Everytime I try to make a change it reverts back to the original value from the json. I understand I can not set a default in the formtext-name with a var.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Timothy,

Rather than returning a single variable from your urlload, you can define the ap_name and muni variables as part of the results.

So instead of:

["apresults": (fromjson(res))]

You can do something like:

["apresults": fromjson(res), "ap_name": fromjson(res).name, "muni": fromjson(res).municipality]

Then you can get rid of your extra formulas and you should be able to edit the results as you would like.

Thank you. Once again a simple and elegant solution to my problem. Awesome!