Unable to create new snippets

Hello. I signed up for the basic Text Blaze plan. Love it.

I've created 18 snippets so far. Plus, a colleague shared their folder, which increased the number of snippets I have access to. When I attempt to create another snippet, I get the invite to sign up for pro. Maybe I'm not counting my own snippets correctly? Maybe being able to access my colleague's folder took me over the limit? Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dee_W - welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The snippets in the folder that your colleague shared with you count towards your total.

So, if you have 18 personal snippets, and there are two or more snippets in the folder that was shared with you, you've gone over the quota of 20 allocated to free accounts.

If you wish to stay on the Basic account, you could put your lesser-used snippets in an "archive" folder and disable it. Your snippets will still be in your dashboard (you won't lose them) but you won't be able to use them while the folder is disabled.

Alternatively, if you're enjoying Text Blaze, you might want to consider upgrading to Pro. We've purposely kept the pricing really low so that everyone can get maximum value from it.

Let me know if you have any questions. Always happy to help :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. I had a feeling that the shared folder was the cause. One thing I noticed though, there was a popup that said if I shared my folder, I would get an additional 30 snippets. The person who shared with me wasn't given this message or any additional snippets. So exactly how does it work?

Thanks for responding.

Hi @Dee_W,

That's something we implemented recently. It's being rolled out in stages.