Unable to tab through Zendesk side menus

I am unable to use essentially any of the automation modes {key} {click} {wait} In zendesk.

I have a series of extremely repetitive tasks when I'm filing tickets an example of it is

Tier level ----> 1
Team-----> my team
( this creates more menus for me to click through )
Issue type-----> some issue
( this also creates more menus for me to go through )
issue ( detailed) ----> this issue
issue ( EVEN MORE DETAILS) ----> this very specific issue .

I can tab through all these menus normally and utilize the down arrow, tab, and enter to get this all done on a normal keyboard.

I've tried combinations of using {click} instead of {key: enter} and all it does it go through the first box over and over while seeming to skip all click and enter commands.

Another issue is the {key: downarror} doesn't seem to work as a 1 single click and seems to be a timed click because it just endlessly scrolls through the drop-down menu instead of going down two options, I'll watch it rapidly go through all the options until it stops at the top or bottom even if it's just one {key: downarrow}.

I've solved this by instead of using down arrows I will utilize the text search feature and pull up the option I need.

Enter AND click do nothing. It works in Zendesk text editor but not through the sidebar.

If I could get this to work it would save me SO much time. I hope there is a workaround for this that I'm just missing.

Hi @dwet1029,

I think this would best be explored through a video call, so we can experiment with a few different approaches and find out whether the workflow is actually possible.

Please drop me a line on cedric@blaze.today and include the URL to this thread. Also let me know what time zone you're in, maybe I can loop in one of our engineers if there's a practical time overlap.

I Cedric, I appreciate the help. I sent you an email! And I'll be available most of each day.

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Perfect. I'll be in touch :slight_smile: