Upper, lower, and mixed?

Hi, all. I'm currently using this for my notes in my Physical Therapy practice, but I was wondering if there's any way to add a 3rd option of "Pt," where it just capitalizes the first letter of "patient." Right now I'm manually going back to capitalize when it's at the beginning of a sentence:

{if: {snippet: trigger} = upper({snippet: trigger}); trim=yes}Physical Therapist{else}patient{endif: trim=yes}


Hey @Britt_Vaughn -- yes this is possible. I added in another condition to your if statement using elseif and if I understood your request correctly then this should do it for you:

{if: {snippet: trigger} = upper({snippet: trigger}); trim=yes}Physical Therapist{elseif: {snippet: trigger}=lower({snippet: trigger})}patient{elseif: {snippet: trigger}=proper({snippet: trigger})}Patient{endif: trim=yes}

"PT" gives me "Physical Therapist"; "pt" gives me "patient" and "Pt" gives me "Patient"


That is perfect. Thanks for your help, Andrew.