Url command fixed URL

Hi! I am receiving this error on a command {urlsend}: "URL must have a fixed domain like "https://example.com""

Basically I am using a table in datablaze to store different webhook url's that will be used in each of the cases depending on other variables on the snippet. I don't know how to overcome this limitation, is there a way to have a dynamic field in the url within an urlsend command? That would be great for our uscase.


Hi Lidia,

The {urlsend} command must have a fixed domain but the path can be dynamic.

If all your URL's are going to the same domain you could just store the path in table. For example if you have:


You would store the following in your table


Then in your snippet, you would do something like:

{urlsend: https://example.com/{=path}}
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That works perfectly, thank you very much!