URL Load Retrieving Data from A Website

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I went through other forum posts to try and figure this out first, but I wasn't able to find something specifically geared towards this

Here it goes - would it be possible to get the URLLOAD function to retrieve this data for me?

Here is a link to a screen recording showing the "clicks" I would need to accomplish:
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-- Please note, the address that would be inserted/searched on this website, would be entered within one of my snippets, and then (hopefully) "sent" to this website

Here is the starting URL:

The end result/number I am trying to gather is the total taxes for the year, for the property:

I would want to then (of course) insert this into my snippet :grinning:

Thank you for your help with this!

That's a cool idea!

In the video, the address shown is 31216126 | BERHOW, RYAN J. | 1279 WARREN RD | LAKEWOOD | 44107. Is that exactly how you already have it in your snippet? I'm asking because it seems that for the URL in the website's address this format is important.

Thank you!

So I would strictly have the full address -- so the only info that would be available to send is: 1279 Warren Rd, Lakewood, OH 44107

But actually- in fact- the website does not pull up the address if I enter the "full address":

If I only include the first part: "1279 Warren Rd", then it brings up the option to select the property:

The website needs these details:

hdnTaxesParcelId: 73334055
hdnTaxesButtonClicked: Tax Bill
hdnTaxesSearchChoice: Address
hdnTaxesSearchText: 73334055 |  BARIS, GINNI  | 3129 WARRENSVILLE CENTER RD  | SHAKER HEIGHTS | 44122
hdnTaxesSearchCity: 99

so that it gives you the correct tax data. Any chance you might already have this data with you before you run the snippet? Otherwise we would not be able to complete this action in a single snippet.

Unfortunately I will not have this data available already. In the same vein, would it be possible to complete these "clicks" using another website:
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I would enter the full address, and then just want to gather the area code that the property is in, by clicking on the screen

Thank you :grinning:

I see. The snippet cannot read the data that gets added into the page after it started running. It seems in your video the area code that you want to copy appears after your automation has already finished. At that point you would need to copy the code by hand.

Okay copy that, I am completely uneducated, but clearly there is no way for the URL load to simulate a "click" and then "read from website"?

That is correct. urlload takes as input only one direct URL, and gives as output the document retrieved from that URL as is. We cannot use {click} or {site} read on that document.

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Copy that - Thank you :grinning: