URL using {user:variable}

Our organization just purchased this for our whole team, and there's one thing I haven't been able to do yet, a shared signature snippet.

{user:name} - Sales Associate
To schedule a call with me, click here
where click here is then made into a URL, and when you edit the URL you enter {user:calendly}

The user:name works, the user:calendly does not work. The URL that you receive a link for is literally "{user:calendly}" which is not a URL.

Hi Brian,

You currently can't include dynamic commands in the editable url field for links. That field is static.

We do have a {link} command that let's you use dynamic urls which you should use here. For example see the following (please ignore the error in the preview below -- the "calendly" property doesn't exist in this preview environment):

To schedule a call with me {link: {user: calendly}}click here{endlink}

You can learn more here:

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Brilliant, thank you!