{urlencode} for URLs

Hello TextBlaze team,

I am using the {urlsend} + {urlencode} features to submit google form responses based on snippet use (found the idea here). These responses are occasionally URLs, but when I try to encode the URLs it causes an error. Is there anyway to encode a URL within the {urlsend} feature?


Hello Abby,

The urlencode() function should work fine with URLs, or any text. It would be super helpful to see your snippet and an example of a response that's causing the error to understand what could be causing it.

We can continue the conversation here or you can send me an email at obed@blaze.today.

Hi Obed,

I'll email you. Thanks!


I have found the source of the issue: It's URL length limits :smiling_face_with_tear:. Do you have any creative solutions for this problem? Thanks! Abby

Is the limit causing an error when you submit it to Google Forms, or when it's passed to urlencode within Text Blaze? I just tested with an extremely long URL (32000 characters) and had no issue with urlencode.

If the issue is with google forms, that seems more tricky. If you have full control of the snippet, and too many information to upload, perhaps you can have two different forms, one for all your data, and one only to store the cases where you have those long URLs. If you could have a common id between the submissions you could join them (by hand or other method depending on how many entries you have).

I hope that's of some help Abby!