{urlload} and {urlsend} requests - what's useful?

Hey Text Blaze community,

I haven't formally introduced myself yet, but I'm Andrew - the new(ish) Head of Customer Success for Text Blaze. As I'm settling more and more into my role, one thing that I'd love to do is build out some cool, potentially complex snippets that showcase the power of {urlload} and {urlsend}. Think along the lines of the set of snippets Dan created for interacting with Coda.

I'm looking for some suggestions about what tools I should consider building some snippets to interact with. Ideally, these systems have free trials or free access so I can use them, and they also have good API documentation. I've started work on some with Hubspot, Salesforce (authentication is a challenge though!), and DocuSign.

Reply here with what systems you've always wanted to build Text Blaze snippets for that would use that system's API and I can look into it. Bonus points if you also provide some potential use-cases (e.g. with Hubspot, I built a snippet that fills in an email template with Contact field data and another one that lets me create a Contact from anywhere).



Your help with the LinkedIn/Hubspot one for me was fantastic, Andrew.

I look forward to seeing more like this.


I wouldn't mind if there were a Notion option/example, it's similar enough to Coda I could probably figure it out, but we're committed to Notion, so seeing how that would work would be helpful to me. :slight_smile:

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Hey Kevin --

Thanks for the suggestion! I think someone on our team had started a Notion integration, so I'll ask around since that'd be a leg up.

I just checked their documentation and do see that they support Bearer Tokens without oAuth, so it should be possible to integrate with Text Blaze. Do you have any specific use-cases in mind that you'd want me to look into?

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I suppose the biggest question I have is if it can pull page data or only database fields. For example, I have a database of companies we work with. Within each entry is some information in individual database fields, the rest (phone numbers to try, for example) is in freeform on the page. I could probably pull specific information out of that page with a regex, assuming it can access it.

I can screen share if that's easier to get your head around it. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, but this is precisely why I had hoped the Blazer's would come up with some magic concerning the currently highlighted text on a page. If there was a way to magically snapshot the select area in any context, automation possibilities would expand greatly.

Relevant ...

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