Use clipboard contents as native formatting/plain text

Hi! I'd like to generate UPS delivery links. For example, this is a typical link:

URL remains the same, number query at the end changes.

Ideally I'd like to generate the URL, and hyperlink it as the generated URL, with the order number as the hyperlink.

Best I've managed so far is the below. I generate the appropriate text, and when I command K it becomes a hyperlink, because gmail sees what I'm doing. And then I can also edit the hyper link text.

However it looks a fright, and it'll take me the same if more time than my previous system. Any ideas?

Hey there,

This is a good use of the {link} command. This command creates hyperlinks, but supports dynamic contents from other Text Blaze commands unlike the hyperlink option in the text formatting tools of the snippet editor.

If you have the tracking number on your clipboard, you could create a snippet that inserts that into the link URL and then creates the hyperlink as the tracking number like this:


The clipboard example doesn't work in the Community, but you can copy that your Text Blaze account and it should work.

If I have the tracking code from your example (802739335398946758) on my clipboard, that generates a link that looks like this when that snippet is inserted: 802739335398946758. I am using the {clipboard} command to fill in the URL within the {link} command, and then a second time as the text of the link itself.

Hi Andrew!

What a swift and helpful response :slight_smile:

A) This is nice command, thanks for showing me its capabilities!

B) If I'm not being greedy, is there a way to paste this in gmail and make it look like a hyperlink (blue, underlined), rather than carry over that bold text from the UPS site? It's not the end of the world if not, but it'd be nice because my customers are not very tech savvy. I tried formatting it in the snippet by setting its font as Verdana and making it not bold, but it seems the snippet formatting does supercede the clipboard one.



You can convert a clipboard to plain text by using it in a formula. You can then use whatever styling you want on it:

Clipboard with original styling:

Clipboard as plain text:

Thanks Andrew. so {={clipboard}} without additional formatting will automatically store contents as plain text?

This is Scott, but yes :slight_smile:

Formula's can only work with plain text, so when you put the clipboard in it, all the original clipboard formatting is removed.

Sorry Scott, I did notice you were your own separate human, but I've got before-Christmas brain. I appreciate both your help both formula and link are handy to know.