Useful Tools: CopyLess2

I've found this program for Mac that is very helpful to me as MacOS doesn't have a native clipboard manager like Windows11 or ChromeOs. CopyLess2 is even better as it allows pinning clipboard items; and that is what brings me here.

I have started using it in combination with Text Blaze. I have certain commands favorited so that I can just paste them from CopyLess2 when creating snippets. I realize that there is a variable picker at the bottom of the window when creating snippets in Text Blaze, but this really helpful for things like if statements or reused combinations when creating a snippet. It would be interesting if there were a command keyboard built into Text Blaze, but until such a time, this is pretty helpful to me. Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 10.32.37 AM

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Interesting setup Laren!

When you say "command keyboard" do you mean a favorites/custom section in the toolbar where you can pin your own custom commands?

On a sidenote, for comparison, complex programs with lots of menus and options like MS Word or VS Code usually have a command palette at the top that I find pretty useful.


VS Code:

I believe you would prefer the custom commands over such a command palette? (because the palette usually doesn't support custom commands)

Hi @Gaurang_Tandon. I think you are right that having custom commands would probably be more useful to me. In the screenshot of CopyLess2 you can see the if statement I was using. I was pasting that in and changing the number as I was going along. Because I was working on the snippet in between other work that used a lot of copying it was handy to have that if statement pinned.

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