Using Auto-piloted keystrokes across different OS

I'm attempting to write code for a multitude of users. However the Operating Systems aren't consistent across our organization. Some users are on Chromebooks while others are using Macbooks. Meaning some shortcuts and hotkeys aren't uniform.

I want my code to highlight and delete anything within the textfield before applying the snippet text and then tab out after. This is to make sure the information entered is consistent across the board with little room for error.

This is what I have, but am unsure if users on Chromebooks will experience a difference:

{key: cmd-a}{key: backspace}{note}
{endnote}Inserted Text{note}
{endnote}{key: tab}

If there is a difference, is there a way to make this code universal for all OS or is there a way to distinguish users by which type of laptop they're using?

Didn't realize there was an embedded option for this within the new editor! :clown_face:

New Code if anyone is interested:

{key: ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}{key: backspace}{note}
{endnote}Inserted Text{note}
{endnote}{key: tab}

I used "Ctrl+a" as the default instead of the other way around since Mac seems to be the exception with "Cmd=a"