Using blaze snippets while editing blaze text

When I first started using text blaze, I could use text blaze snippets while editing text blaze text. This caused me to create several helper functions; e.g. here's one that helps me insert links:

{note}{formmenu: name=variant; default=colon; paren}{formtext: name=url_title; default=Title}{formtext: name=url_href; default={clipboard}}{url_href_regex={=extractregex(url_href, "https?://w?w?w?[.]?(.+)")}}{endnote}{formtoggle: name="import:/blaze_format"; default=no}{="{"}import:/blaze_format}{endformtoggle}{if: format == "text"{="}"}{=url_title}{note}MANUALLY LINK THIS TO {=url_href}!{endnote}{elseif: format == "reddit"{="}"}[**{=url_title}**]({=url_href}){elseif: format == "markup"{="}"}{=url_title}{if: variant=="paren"} (ref{endif}: {=url_href_regex}{if: variant=="paren"}){endif}{endif{="}"}

This allows me to have a link rendered in a text blaze snippet that renders correctly in turn when used in an email (for format="text"), or with wiki markup (for format="reddit"), or in raw-text markup for places like facebook (for "markup").

The ability to use these in the context of text blaze appears to have been disabled at some point, forcing me to use my helper functions for entering blaze text outside of blaze, and then copy them back in, which is a pain.

Can we have the option to turn on using text blaze shortcuts inside of text blaze editing?

Hi @Sean_P_O_MacCath-Mor. Welcome to the forum.

Have you tried using the bottom menu in Text Blaze? We created it specifically to save users from having to type the commands manually. Additionally, we'll be rolling out a new UI soon, that will make things even easier. You can already see what it looks like on the forums.

Here's an example:

{formmenu: name=menu; default=; options1; option2; option3} (single-click on the command to see what happens)

Of course, I'm still making a note of your request. We'll see whether it makes sense to implement.

Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Gah! Sorry Cedric - I missed your response!

I have indeed used the bottom menu, but I find it to be somewhat limiting for my needs. It's SUPER handy getting your head around the available options, but as professional coder, I generally find myself being more comfortable writing markup directly.

That said, I figured out another, and arguably better, approach to solving the problem I describe here, and I've documented that in another post: Dynamic Repeated Use of Same Snippet With Different Variables

In particular, I'd be keenly interested in your thoughts on that solution as regards the scoping issue I describe. =o)

In any case, thank you SO MUCH for responding, and for creating such a great product.

Cool, thanks :slight_smile: