Using Data Blaze to create a spreadsheet with formulas working in different sheets

I was wondering if you could use Data Blaze to create a specific spreadsheet that doesn't work as smoothly as it should in the Google Sheets.

Let me describe what we have in mind:
We need an interactive spreadsheet to share with our Client and our co-workers with questions and answers.

We need the data divided into 3 different sheets:
A - a mastersheet, where we have all the data: questions, dates, status, english translations, czech translations
B - a sheet for the Client to see the data they need - only unresolved questions and only czech translations. In this sheet the Client would reply as well, often with inserting some pictures
C - a sheet for the coworkers - with only English translations, all questions

We would like for the sheets to import the important data into other ones, e.g.:
Coworker adds a question in sheet C, we want it to automatically copy into sheet A as a new line. We translate the question into Czech in sheet A and it automatically copies into sheet B for the Client. The Client replies in sheet B, the answers shows up in sheet A, where we translate it to English, which copies to the correct line in sheet C.
Also - if the Client attaches a photo into the correct cell - it copies directly to sheets A and then C.

If it was possible it would make our workflow SO much easier as we wouldn't have to go back and forth and copy the questions. On the other hand, we can't have all the data in one sheet because there are way too many columns for it to be clear.

I'm not sure if this is even possible and if we should even start researching this topic :slight_smile: Any input will be valuable.

Working with datablaze would be perfect, because it would also help us by using snippets to inform everyone on the progress.

Best regards,

I feel this is possible using multiple snippets. However, I feel that your questions and answers should be connected properly. Also, using API, you may be able to translate automatically and update it in same row.

Hi @Gabriela Welcome back to the forum! :slight_smile:

Data Blaze allows you to create views, in which you can hide columns and apply row filters in specific views. For example: let's say your table has 10 columns and 100 rows. You can create a new "view" in which you only show two columns (hide the others), and apply a row filter to show only 10 rows (the rows that match your given conditions). See this guide to see examples: Text Blaze | Views

I think you are trying to copy data between the tables only because it would be hard to manage all the data in one table (and not because of any permissions issue - where you don't want specific people to access a specific table). In that case, I would suggest you to use the Views, as they are much simpler.

So, when you say "We need the data divided into 3 different sheets", I assume you should have one primary table, and you need to create 3 different views for that table.

Data Blaze supports a "File" column - where users can upload images. See this image to know how you can set that column:

We support a lot of types of columns, like date/time, email, phone number, choices, aggregate queries, and more!

In addition, Data Blaze supports something similar to a Google Form (see this link: Text Blaze | Getting Started with Data Blaze) - you can share this form with your colleagues, and they can use this to create new rows into the table.

I hope that was a helpful response to your query. Please feel free to continue the discussion with more questions.

Hello @Gaurang_Tandon, I'm glad to be back!

I have to thank you for this really in-depth reply, I've just finished watching the video under the first link you provided me with.

I think you understood our problem perfectly, so using views as a solution should be the way to go :slight_smile:

Thanks again and I'll let you know if there are more questions :slight_smile:

Have a great day!


Dear @Gaurang_Tandon,
I have two follow-up questions, if I may :slight_smile:

  1. For the view-sharing option - is it only possible to share it as "view only"?
    Preferably, our Clients would be able to edit 2 columns to insert their answers and the images (if necessary).


From what I see, they can only view the file as of now.

  1. This one regards forms: is it possible to add the same field multiple times and conditionally into the form?

What I have in mind is: a translator may have 1 or more questions regarding the same project. So I don't want them to fill out 5 forms if they have 5 questions because there will be some data that will be repeated (e.g. date/project number).

Would it be possible to add the boxes for questions in a way that you can either type in one question and submit the form or have the option to add more questions, until you've typed in all of them?

Question 1

Right now, you can share a view by using its public shareable link. The end user cannot edit the table from this view. This is only a readonly link.

To allow the user to edit the table, you have to share the entire space with them.

If you want to set restrictions on clients from changing unwanted stuff, you have two options:

  1. Use a Text Blaze snippet to insert these fields. The client can only do the updates that are set by you in the snippet.

    In the snippet, the Client will select a question, and then write their translation, and then submit the snippet, to update the corresponding row. See "Updating your row" section at this link.

    In this case, the issue is that the snippets don't support file type column yet. So updating images wouldn't work.

  2. Use a separate table to accept Client submissions, and link them to the TranslationsMaster table. Use a public form to accept updates to Client translations. Here's an example space:

    The form view would look like this:


Question 2

You can use a ?prefill_field link to to dynamically prefill certain fields in the form. Click on the "Prefill or hide dynamically" link (at the bottom left of the page) when you are editing the Data Blaze form to learn more about it.

If you want to go with the dynamic boxes approach instead, then doing it via the Text Blaze snippet is the only option for now. It would work well (except that it doesn't support images yet)

Thanks again, I'll try working on these :slight_smile: