Using Form Variables to Calculate a Future Date

I am trying to create a snippet that will calculate a date for a future appointment based on a date provided in the form.

What I am looking to do is to create a form like this

Enter Date of First Appointment: [FirstDate]
Calculated Date of Follow up Appointment: [FirstDate + 1day]

After reading the available documentation it seems like the best way to do this would be to:

  1. Use the Date/Time function to allow the user to enter the date of the first appointment
  2. Use a second Date/Time function that takes the date entered by the user and shift it +1 Day

When I try to use this snippet, I get an error message saying that the system can not parse "firstdate" as a date or time.

My expectation from working with forms and variables in other snippets is when I enter the form variable "firstdate" into the "at" section of the Date/Time function the system would parse the value related to "firstdate" and not the text "firstdate"

Is this the expected behavior, a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
Is there anyway to pass a date entered by a user in a form to the "at" section of a Date/Time function so it can be shifted?

Thank you!

Hey @Ryan_Wolff -- welcome and great question.

You're just missing one thing that we don't make super obvious. You've already clicked the "advanced editor" which is correct (see how the icon next to "at" is yellow). But what you need to do is make your "firstdate" field inside of the "at" setting as a formula. That is, instead of just having firstdate as the value of at, make it {=firstdate}. That should work for you.

That did it, thanks!