Using Paste command for links

New Text Blaze user here, and I can't find an answer to this problem.

I'm using a snippet that uses the paste command, and the thing I am pasting is a link (specifically to a Zoom meeting). When using this command, the pasted link is not clickable and I need to go back and link the text to the hyperlink. Here's exactly my command in use:

No problem! Here's the link to another session you can attend instead:

I used the community web address as an example instead of a real Zoom link to my meetings, but the result is the same.

I am using the desktop version of Text Blaze, and do all of my work in the Firefox web browser. Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi @Jason_Skolits
If the prefix of the domain always stays the same, you can try the following and only copy the suffix

Hmm, sadly it just has the first part of the link as a hyperlink, and then the suffix is not part of the link. It shows as plain black text instead. Thanks for the attempt to help though! Still looking for suggestions on this!

I made an interesting discovery on accident. I put a different link before the paste command, and then the pasted link came out properly. For example:


The clipboard paste shows up with correct bolding of words, and the hyperlink is working properly. Why would having an unrelated link before the command, affect a hyperlink that is part of the paste command? The previous method I was using changed the font and bolding of the words that were being pasted, but adding a random link before is fixing that issue.

Hi @Jason_Skolits Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Can you try out this snippet:

{link: {clipboard}}{clipboard}{endlink}

Assuming you have an exact link in your clipboard (like - then when you run the snippet, it should be a clickable link with the correct link highlighting.

If it doesn't work for you, can you share a screenshot of what you see after inserting the snippet? Can you also tell us which website you are inserting the snippet into? Maybe you can try this on different websites and check if they all have the same issue.

Jason: Just edit the link inside of the dashboard to be a clickable link and then it will be inserted as a clickable link as well.
Here is a screenshot from where i did not link the first one in the dashboard but the second one i did. This is me pasting the result f.e. in google docs.


The short cut is you can paste into the dashboard already linked content.