Using Site and CSS Selectors

I'm trying to use a CSS selector and when I do test it I get this.

"[Error - You must install the Text Blaze extension to use the {site} command.]"

The extension is installed, which is how this was replaced from its shortcut :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how to go forward from this as I'm trying to grab an email from a CSS selector. (a long one, unfortunately)
div#main_panes > div.pane.right.section.with_apps_pane > div > div > div.header.pane_header.mast.clearfix.web > div.editable > div > span.ember-view.sender

Anyone also have any extensions they recommend for easy CSS Selector extraction? I'm using one that's done well but not sure this format will work with Text Blaze or if I'll need to manually remove the >

The current version of Text Blaze erroneously shows this message when you have an invalid CSS selector (what that is strictly not valid, not just one that doesn't match anything). This will be fixed in the next version

Looking at your selector I suspect you could just replace it with: