Using site function on website with more than 2 frames


I want to use a snippet to retrieve info from a webpage that has more than 2 frames (multiple frames), I am able to retrieve info from two of them by changing the frame setting of site function between self and top but I need to retrieve it from other frames on the webpages.

Hi Fabian,

Welcome to the Text Blaze community :tada:

Can you share a screenshot/video of the site you're trying to read data from?

Hi @Fabian_Mejia Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

We recently improved our {site} selector, so that (in most cases) you do not need to specify the frame= setting. You should be able to directly pick the data you want, even within (deeply-nested) iframes.

Can you please retry using the selector generator?

If it still doesn't work for you, can you please share more information with us. Specifically, in what order are the iframes nested on the webpage, and which frames have the data you are trying to read?