Using TextBlaze with Google notepad/Papier

Hi! Sometimes I need to reuse snippets outside of chrome. I would LOVE to be able to generate them via Papier (Chrome extension that opens a notepad in a new tab), or by the inbuilt Chrome notepad (data:text/html, )

However, TB doesn't seem to trigger in that environment. Any idea why?

I know I can open a draft in gmail and do it, but that extra simplicity would be handy.

Unfortunately, Chrome Extensions aren't allowed to interact with other Chrome Extensions.

So if the Papier notebook is part of the Papier Chrome Extension, which it sounds like is the case, we won't be to insert into it.

Thanks Scott. How about this inbuilt Chrome function: data:text/html, (copy and paste on address bar to see it function, although I'm sure it's clear what it does)

Putting this in my address bar just opens a blank white page. It's not editable in any way for me.


Hmm, the content editable did not show up for some reason. Try again :slight_smile: