Using the same Drop-Down Multiple Times

How do I insert the same drop-down menu multiple times within a snippet, but allow different selections for each one? As my snippet stands now, if I make a selection on one drop-down, it makes all the other ones the same.

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It sounds like all your drop downs have the same name setting. Form fields with the same name setting are linked together.

To have drop downs with different values, use can omit the name or use different name settings.

For example:

These two menus are linked as they have the same name:

Favorite color: {formmenu: red; blue; default=green; name=favorite}
Another favorite color: {formmenu: red; blue; green; name=favorite}

This menu is not linked to the other two as it has a different name:

Least favorite color: {formmenu: red; default=blue; green; name=unfavorite}

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