Want to click the buttons

TB is used for electronic medical record entry assistance. Various buttons are placed, is it possible to make them click with a snippet command?" I can use "select from website" but I can't combine it with the click command.

Hi @Naritatsu_Saito
Can you use {key:tab} to first move the focus through the fields, and then use {click} to click the focused button?

@Gaurang_Tandon Thanks for the reply, it's hard to use because you don't know which button is selected when you use the tab key to navigate.

You can first manually count how many tab key presses are required by hand. Then you can put that count of {key:tab} commands in the snippet. Would work work for you?

Thank you, it just seems that there are too many buttons and some buttons cannot be moved with the tab key.
I am attaching a screenshot of the electronic medical record, I hope you will consider implementing this at some point.

It would be great to check this on a short call with you once. Please email me and let's setup a call for Monday or later when you're free.

@Gaurang_Tandon Thanks, I send you an email.

As we discussed on the call, this request is similar to:

I will keep you posted on any updates to this, but it might take some time.

@Gaurang_Tandon Thank you very much. Thank you Text Blaze for your willingness to incorporate user feedback. I have a similar request, but well, a little different. My request is to press (click) any button in a web app that runs in Chrome.

The linked thread is requesting a command to focus on any element using its selector. So, you can focus on - for example - a button, a textbox, etc.

Once focused, you can use {click} command to click that button. Something like this:

{placefocus: selector=.abc} # <-- focus the button
{click} # <-- button is focused, now click it

This syntax is just an example. We may or may not implement this feature (or we may implement it very differently)

@Gaurang_Tandon Thank you, well my request is close to that. I hope you can implement it.

This feature is now available in the browser extension for all our users

I hope it works for your use case. Feel free to let us know if you face any bugs.