Placer, a companion function to Selector

I love this app, and it has me thinking out of the box. However, I wonder if it could benefit from a companion function to Selector. Instead of taking information from a webpage’s text field, Placer would I insert text into it. Judging by the speed of Selector, and in comparison with Autopilot, the new function could be a lot faster when populating several text fields. It’d even improve the formatting of forms, which would be a lot cleaner without the need to use multiple Keystroke functions to navigate between text fields. Furthermore, it may solve the issue of emulated keystrokes: not being able to select all or copy text.

I hope my thoughts offer inspiration.

Hi @Anon_Brown , thanks for the nice follow up to your previous post, and for explaining your use cases clearly.

Is the following snippet aligned with your request:

Insert text into current textbox
{placefocus: selector=.textbox}
Insert text into newly focused textbox

Here, {placefocus} will take your selector and give focus to the first element matching this selector. Then, further insertion will resume from this focused element.

cc: @Brad_Hedinger you also requested this feature for Salesforce, in one of our calls. Any comments on this?

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This is exactly the sort of solution I was thinking about. So, is this something that's already in development?

Not yet, but I have noted your request. Is your website - where you need this "placer" functionality - publicly available so that I can also test there?

Unfortunately, it's not publicly accessible. However, it uses the BMC FootPrints platform.

Also interested. My primary case use is filling out forms on webpages that don't respond to tabbing through to select the fields.

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This is a brilliant idea and exactly what I've been looking for so voted up. Nice to see another BMC user here as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I don't use footprints but BMC Helix (which does have a trial version)


I would also benefit from this, provided it works for my use case, because using shift-tab 5 times in a row is very slow (compared to how fast TextBlaze is in general :blush:).