Website Specific Snippets

Dear TextBlaze Professionals,

I was hoping if you could kindly implement an option wherein Users can create snippets that are 'Categorized' specific (or are active only) to an individual website

For Ex: We do have GMAIL command packs - that are used only in email
and those snippets do not work in say LinkedIN (which is fine)

Please provide users the option to create their own customized packs - if possible


Hi @thiru_new,

Thank you for your suggestion. There are plans to eventually make it possible for users to create their own command packs, but we still need to explore the best way to implement this in a reliable way, so I'm unable to give you an ETA at the moment.

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Appreciate your response @Cedric_Debono_Blaze :pray:

As long as the implementation is up on the cards - I am happy to wait :relieved:

Have a great Week ahead

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You can implement website specific snippets with the {if} and {site} commands. E.g.

{if: {site: domain} == ""}
Content to show on Facebook
Content to show on other sites


Wow, This is great - works Fab
Thank you @scott :pray: