Website squeeze page examples

Are there any website developer examples using TextBlaze? For example, is anyone using TextBlaze within their website for squeeze-page database collection and email automation? I would like to see examples.

@B_Strong - I'm not quite sure how you could use Text Blaze as a squeeze page script to be honest.

Could you tell us a bit more about what kind of result you're aiming at? What would the workflow look like?

This is currently above my ability level, yet I suspect it exists with someone using TextBlaze. Hypothetically I see the possibile workflow as follows:

  1. Command: Formtext within webpage of a website to collect members information, Then:
  2. Data Information sent to website's Database (google sheets), Then;
  3. Automated emails to grab Database information to send to member's email.

@B_Strong, I see what you mean. To the best of my knowledge, you cannot use Text Blaze as a data collection script on a website.

However, what you could do is use a Google Form on your landing page, and collect submissions into a Google spreadsheet. From there, you could highlight a row in your spreadsheet and copy it to your clipboard, then use the split function to split the data according to tab stops, pick specific bits and use them in a snippet.

Here's a more in-depth thread if you wanna explore that possibility. If you need more help, ask away! :slight_smile: