What functions are Pro version only?

Can anyone point me to a definitive list of what's in the Pro version as opposed to the free version? I looked at the list on the purchase page and it said of the Pro version:

  • Up to 20 snippet folders
  • Up to 100 snippets per folder
  • Up to 25,000 characters in a snippet
  • Double the snippet sharing
  • Full forms support
  • Images in snippets

Well, me thinks to myself, I don't need all that yet. Then I created a snippet and it worked, but it also said "this snippet uses Pro functions". So now I'm confused about what is in the Pro version and what isn't. I'm sure it's in the Docs somewhere but I can't find it.

On a snippet preview Text Blaze will tell you what Pro features your snippet is using. For instance it says for the snippet in the picture below the snippet is using "forms and dynamic logic" ("dynamic logic" meaning formulas here).

Also, when you insert a dynamic command from the toolbar below the edit area, the pro-only features should be flagged:

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks. It helps a little, but it's not obvious to me what "dynamic logic" refers to. My snippet includes a map() function, and I'm assuming that's what the problem is. But without a list of what is and is not included in the free version, I have to use trial and error both a) to confirm what the issue is in my snippet and b) to determine if alternative approaches are available to me.

Does anyone know if such documentation exists?

"Dynamic logic" is a catch-all for "{=...}", "{if: ....}" or "{repeat:...}". I think it may make sense to replace that catch-all in the label with the specific commands being used as that's probably clearer.

Since you are using map() it sounds like you are using a formula ({=...}). All formula's regardless of the specific functions or logic in them are a Pro feature.

Ah, got it. That probably is stated somewhere and I just missed it. Thanks!