What tools/apps do you swear by? 🧐

Here is my marketing tool stack:

  • AHREF for all things SEO & Buzzsumo for social research
  • Hootsuite for scheduling social posts, Adespresso for paid campaigns & Mailchimp for Email marketing.
  • Grammarly to keep my writing in check, Language tool's Chrome extension for editing blog posts & Text Blaze for common work emails/ hiring templates for contractors. Also, Hemingway is a hidden gem if you're ever looking for a readability score of a blog piece.
  • Canva (get PRO, you won't regret it) for designing everything from social posts to one-pagers.

Tell me yours, and we might unearth another new must-have tool & help each other!


One of my absolute favorite tools of all time is Todoist. At a first glance, it looks simple but, similar to Text Blaze, the only limit to the uses for it is your own imagination. I use it to create daily to-do lists, track university deadlines, and manage long-term projects. It's incredibly useful if you use it for more than just simple to-do lists.

I can also vouch for Hemingway. It's truly an awesome tool that many people don't know about. I love using Hemingway when I'm writing long pieces.

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I've used Todoist in the past, it's pretty cool. I've switched to apple notes in my phone for my to-do lists after that, and haven't explored newer to-do list apps in a while!

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